An Adventure For Beginners

An Adventure for Beginners was started with the idea of having a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for newcomers, most of us are fans of the Rollplay series but hadn’t played much ourselves.  All the players are relatively, or in my case completely, new to D&D and while our Dungeon Master has played a fair amount this is his first time actually DMing a campaign.  There might be a bit of hand-holding to start out to teach the newbies, but ultimately we are hoping for a fun, epic, player-driven-story and for our viewers to laugh and learn along with us.

The group usually plays on Mondays 8pm EST for about 4 hours

Current players

Dungeon Master : Travis
Faun : Allison
Nina : Josh
Cabaan : Kevin
Durian : Jimmy :: Watch our past recorded sessions

Adventure Journal :: Get caught up quickly on how the campaign has been progressing

Imgur Album :: Notable images from our DM, the party members, or twitch chat related to the campaign