hu·mil·i·ty –noun
the quality or condition of being humble

hu·mil·i·ate –verb
to cause (a person) a painful loss of pride, self-respect, or dignity

While (to) humiliate is looked at as such a negative word, its root, humility, is a positive quality. In order to receive humility expect to be humiliated. I had never seen this connection until tonight while reading Colossians at Pierced. The next time you pray for humility be prepared to receive it how it is given. In order for God to grant you humility, he effectively humiliates you.

EDIT://More thoughts on humility

The cross, a very painful way to die. A real point of the cross was complete humiliation of the victim. As the accusers watched Jesus get crucified, they must have thought they had won. But through this, God beat Satan and brought his ultimate downfall, through being humiliated (if you believe in all that). The desire of the arrogant is to be strong and beat your opponent into submission, but Jesus effectively countered this by simply being humble. It is something I don’t think that those with a thirst for power at costs can understand. It baffles them, which in turn humiliates them. It is almost a compounded humiliation for them, getting humiliated by their own humiliation.