Everyone is different/the same

“Things like this are why I don’t proclaim my very real faith to the world at large.”

I came across this comment a while ago while sniffing around online. I think that statements like this are just sad.

  1. If anything is keeping you from proclaiming your faith (what you consider truth) to anyone, maybe you need to rethink some things.
  2. If you are embarrassed by what your faith is, how can anyone take your faith seriously?
  3. Whatever your faith is, it doesn’t sound very real to me right now.

Now to be fair it was referencing something that horribly/falsely represents Christianity. And I think they just wrote this caught up in the moment in response. I mean we all do that sometime or another. But maybe we need to watch what we say/type. Especially when it concerns our faith.

An alarmingly large number of “young-new-age” Christians are very proudly declaring their differences(being democrats, believing in conflicting beliefs, going against ‘the-norm-of-Christianity’). Now this is cool. I mean, being a republican isn’t one of the pillars of Christianity. In fact Christ calls us to be different from the world. Our lives should be demanding explanations from the rest of society. But at some point, this gets a little dangerous. You can only believe in different takes on Christian theology to a point, after that it isn’t Christianity anymore.