My Motivation

Okay, I know this might be posted little bit late, but I loved this talk.

So much truth in who we are can be seen in our motivations.  Looking at my own I notice a number of things:

  • Creating software and web applications are not simple, straightforward tasks that can be completed without thinking.  Working software requires a lot of thought.  Furthermore, working software that is also well designed software is honestly more art than it is science.
  • I want to work on cool, interesting ideas.  Compensation isn’t the driving force here, I am.  I am passionate about programming.  I love it.
  • Motivation is more important than compensation.

Right now I am winding down in my first job search for after college.  It has been a fun journey with lots interviews, some let downs, a few surprises, and tons of experience.  When confronted with my end choices of possible employers, I’m not looking at where I could make the most money.  I’m looking at where I think I will get the most motivation and paid enough for my work. I don’t want to think about money, I feel like that is a waste of thought.  I want to think about my work, and create interesting things.  I am passionate about programming after all,  and not money.