How Should We Deal With Loud and Hurtful People?

Has Christianity effectively been ruined for others by Christians not following many of Christ’s teachings them(our)selves but brutally attacking others for doing the same?  I understand that there are many Christians who don’t do this, and that’s great.  But I think the problem is that the Christians that do purposely seek attention while doing it(in their mind they think it is a good thing…I guess).  Should we be seeking attention and disown these actions in response?

I feel like our actions/speech should be much harsher for Christians doing that rather than for some random person breaking Christ’s example they might not even adhere to.


  1. Jesus spent more time being pissed at the uber-religious (those busy touting their holiness before others and shaming others for their sin) than anyone else. He also had harsh words and actions for those willing to take monetary and social advantage of the weak.

    Feel like taking on some Pharisees or cleansing a temple (metaphorically speaking, of course)?


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