Xbox One

So every week since E3 I’ve logged on and wrote about the Xbox One and every week Microsoft has changed it, then I have to start writing all over again!  The latest is allowing self-publishing for developers, something I thought was the most important thing it was lacking since its announcement.  If Microsoft continues down this road I think we will see the Xbox One doing extremely well like the 360 did.

I will say this though, the original plans for the Xbox One being online and digital were not terrible and got way too much hate for what Microsoft was trying to do.  I was actually pretty excited.  I think the reversal was a good idea for the short term, but hopefully it won’t mess too much of the strategy up.  There are definitely reasons to prefer the PS4 over the Xbox One, but I don’t see any reasons to hate either console.  Sony is giving us a vastly improved PS3 while Microsoft is still trying to do something different and push digital content onto consoles; either one will be a great choice.

disclaimer//this was written before I got hired at Microsoft in September 2013