Offering Too Much Advice

One of the things I tend to do is give advice when others share a problem or concern. Sometimes I give advice when people don’t even ask for it, I just start listing out possible solutions. Sometimes I’ll talk too much trying to explain my advice when they don’t particularly care or they already understand it and I end up annoying them. ‘Mainsplaining’ is the term used when men feel the freedom to do this to others without considering their expertise.

Even if you feel it may be a way of expressing you care, you still need to be mindful of how others take it.

Pre-Order Bonuses

I know that I’m not the only one getting sick and tired of ten different pre-order bonuses depending on what retailer you go to or version of the game you buy. It is getting out of hand. I don’t mind so much when its simple game swag or in-game cosmetics, but sometimes it is extra weapons, maps, even entire DLC chapters that are unique to one of those choices! This is anti-consumer, be design.

So, when Titanfall announced their preorder bonuses I was surprised when they actually did a great job. No exclusive guns, or titans, or maps. A few swag items and a possible guide that you can find on the internet. As an avid gamer, thank you for not contributing to the preorder bonus ecosystem mess we are currently stuck in.