Staying Fresh When Behind

Dota Match 1246203674

I’m still not exactly sure how we end up winning this game, sheer willpower? The opposing team had a better hero composition, more carries (also better ones in my opinion), they were ahead of us by over 5k xp multiple times within 30 minutes, and we had a player (Slardar) that seemed to be feeding on purpose. The only thing we had going for us was their Lion kept taking all their kills, hard to believe when they have a Sniper and Riki. Within the first 10 minutes my lane partner was calling it game over, and I honestly thought he was right. We couldn’t get much farm and they were killing us if we stepped past our towers. But like any competition, you need to hold onto some small bit of hope in order to win. Giving up is the last thing you want to even think about. So, we kept playing. We held our own at our high ground and they couldn’t break us.

So remember, it doesn’t matter what comes, fresh goes better in life!

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