Checkers Sim :: Made this in my Project with AI course at UCI.  It was pretty fun to research, design, and implement the different ways of playing Checkers.  The end result turned out really well and I still can’t beat it.

*Requires java; downloadable version coming soon

Grid Matcher :: Made this as a mini project in my Computer Gaming Project course at UCI.  Just a simple high-score-timer game that makes you match shapes.  The more you score in a row, the more points you get.

*Requires java; downloadable version coming soon

Pixel Jamz :: This was our main project in the Computer Gaming Project course at UCI.  This was an Android game where you create your own music by fulfilling gestures/actions on screen to keep your performance bar as high as you can.  Think of it as a cross between DDR and GarageBand.  You can check out the design document that we wrote describing the game in detail, as the actual app is way out of date and I haven’t maintained it lately.

ShooterGame :: This game was a small experiment in games as an art form.  While I really do believe that games have their place in art, not all are or should be.  This was my final project for my Game Studies course at UCI.  I hope it makes you think about what you played more than how you played.  It doesn’t run in browser, so you will have to download and run it yourself.